HOW TO...Style Your Hair

To fake it or not

Hmm...not sure on this one myself. I love the look that can be achieved by well applied extensions but it's best to give it a rest between applications to let the scalp recover.

So often we see pictures of celebrities with bald patches along the hairline due to the excessive pressure and friction caused by over use of extensions.

However when applied correctly and by a professional with lots of experience this is not so likely and with al the techniques on offer these days there is a much greater chance of a great outcome.

Cheryl's hair always looks amazing and the extra volume added from her extensions looks truly stunning! Still, she is sensible enough to give them a rest every few months. I guess it's easier to do that when your hair is super thick and glossy in real life too!

Both human hair and synthetic gives a great look when mixed with your natural hair although real hair has that natural feel as well as the look and really feels like your own hair, as well as the fact that real hair extensions can be styled exactly as your own hair. Applying heat is fine whereas with some synthetic fibres this isn't possible.

Because your natural hair requires oil to keep it healthy you should make sure you treat your natural extensions in the same manner and use oil treatments and conditioners regularly to keep your long tresses in tip top condition.

How to grow your hair faster - The natural way!

The first thing is to make sure you get it trimmed at least every eight weeks. This will keep the ends from splitting and make sure your hair looks healthier.

Eat a well balanced diet containing plenty of vitamin B vitamins as they play a vital role in the continuing health of our hair.

Give your hair a monthly treat by using an intensive conditioning treatment or hot oil product. Plain and simple extra virgin olive oil is a great substitute for a shop bought conditioning treatment. Remember to wash it out after though!

Don't over brush your hair as this contributes to split ends.

There are also some products out there that claim to help your hair to grown up to 90% faster.

I can honestly say (and I'm not being paid to say this!) I have tried this product myself and although 90% was not the case for me my hair growth definitely doubled in a two month period. Thinking about it maybe that's 100%!! Is it, or is it 50%? My maths is so awful. Well you decide!

the down side with this product is that it does to dry your hair out somewhat. I would recommend using it every other wash or sometimes using an alternative shampoo and just the FAST conditioner. The company do suggest you use both in conjunction for the best results but then they would wouldn't they!

Still I would definitely recommend it for short terms use. I have read that it isn't the best on afro hair though. This comes from other reviews I have read in the past.

Clip in extensions and add on ponytails

Of course if neither of the above appeal then there is always the clip in option.

Check out this great website for loads of fab ad ons and clip on do's!

They currently stock some real hair extensions too. Clip on extensions are a great way of adding length, volume or both without the commitment of bonded hair extensions. They may take a bit of practice though. 
Getting them to look natural takes a bit of skill but persevere you'll get there in the end and the overall look is well worth it.

10 great short hair styling ideas

 (Click to go to YouTube)

Every wondered how on earth to style your short hair? If you have hair above shoulder length you'd be forgiven for thinking there is nothing exciting and creative you can do other than wear it in the style it is but you'd be wrong!

My hair is just such a length so where did I go for inspiration? Yes you guessed it YouTube! 

Check out this great channel for inspiration. Danielle is stunningly beautiful so most styles look great on her but she does show some fantastic cute easy every day styles that you'll find simple to master after a little practice. Katy Holmes shorter style looks groomed to perfection here and you might imagine there is nothing else she can do with it but again, you'd be wrong!

For more hair inspiration visit SunnyBrook/blog

The short bob - My fave hairstyle of the moment

My hair is slightly longer than this at the moment but a very similar style. it's a great length. It's most suitable for you if you have a long or oval shaped face. Wear it with a long side swept fringe for a bit of added glamour, and it's a bit more interesting too!

Style with a large round brush curling under as you go. I generally finish my style by running my ceramic straighteners over the hair from the root to the ends (well I tend to miss the very last cm of the hair as I don't want it to split)

You will need to get your bob trimmed every 6-8 weeks to keep it in super sleek shape.

Rub some serum or hair cream between your palms after styling and apply to the mid length and ends. This will give your style a super glossy appearance.

Creating large waves

This can be done in various ways. It can be done by using a large round brush if you are not keen on too much heat.

It is tricky and takes some practice but the finished look is amazing. I learnt to do this a couple of years ago as my hairdresser at the time had an amazing talent for creating curls with a brush and I was determined to learn!

Start by sectioning off your hair. Take your brush and keep curling your hair around it whilst blasting it dry. You do this by pulling it straight then curling it back up to the root. be careful not to get it stuck though! Once it is dry curl it around your finger and pin it (creating a little pin curly) spray with a firm hold hairspray before releasing.

Do this all over your head until it is all pinned in place. Leave it like this for a couple of minutes then release the hair and pun your fingers through it. Perfect wavy hair!

Curling with straighteners or flat iron if you are American!

Again this is a little tricky at first but creates some great results. Start with the underneath layer of hair. pull the straighteners down the hair shaft turning under as you go. Keep turning as you are pulling. The slower you pull the tighter the curl. Keep going, it's a bit of a process but again worth it in the end.

Curling with tongs

Start with the underneath layer. Clasp the hair at the end (leaving about 1cm so as not to frazzle the ends) then twist the tongs either forward or backwards depending on the style you want to achieve. Work from the neck line up to the crown and then the hair around the ears to the top of the head.

Cheryl's best do by a mile!

I love this fringed look on Cheryl. In my humble opinion it's the best do by far. It's so much more natural. A simple cut but with her pretty features it's perfect.