Hair Feature

Headmasters - Bath

Headmasters hair salon is situated in Westgate Street in the beautiful Georgian City of Bath.

The salon itself is lively yet at the same time surprisingly relaxing.  The receptionist was cheerful and seemed genuinely happy to see me! I was immediately taken to my seat and offered a drink. I selected a cappuccino which was a great start to a genuinely pleasurable experience.

My stylist was Natalie. There she is with her beautiful shiny red hair, a very good adert! Natalie sat down with me and discussed the state of my overgrown barnet. Of course she was much too polite to comment on the fright night sight that was sitting in front of her!

We opted for a bleach and golden tint mix as Natalie felt a warm tone would suit my complexion. The cut we decided should be a slightly angled long bob. I haven’t had my hair cut for some time and it had absolutely no shape as well as being particularly endy! (is that a word?)

Natalie proceeded to add the tint and bleach using foil strips. This didn’t take as long as I expected and almost sent me off to sleep. (which actually isn’t that difficult!)

I was then left with another cappuccino and some magazines to wait it out. After 30 minutes Natalie returned to check my hair. I was then rinsed and shampooed and as an added bonus my slightly tender head had a luxurious massage and conditioning treatment.

Natalie then started snipping at my newly shimmering locks and the rest as they say is history. I have a gorgeous new do and will definitely be going back!

To sum up I would give Headmasters a 10/10 for personality and creativity. the staff really do know their stuff and I felt confident that I was actually going to get what I had asked for, which is always a bonus!

30-32 Westgate St
Tel: 0345 459 7717