Thursday, 31 January 2013

Colour blocking fashion ideas

More Colour!

Get bold and try some colour blocking. red with yellow is all the rage you know!

Styling shorter hair

10 great short hair styling ideas

 (Cick to go to YouTube)

Every wondered how on earth to style your short hair? If you have hair above shoulder length you'd be forgiven for thinking there is nothing exciting and creative you can do other than wear it in the style it is but you'd be wrong!

My hair is just such a length so where did I go for inspiration? Yes you guessed it YouTube! 

Check out this great channel for inspiration. Danielle is stunningly beautiful so most styles look great on her but she does show some fantastic cute easy every day styles that you'll find simple to master after a little practice. Katy Holmes shorter style looks groomed to perfection here and you might imagine there is nothing else she can do with it but again, you'd be wrong!

For more hair inspiration visit SunnyBrook/blog

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Fashion News

A group have been arrested for stealing around 1.7 million pounds worth of Armani merchandise. The 10 Romanians are currently being held in Bucharest.

The haul was taken from the brands Spring/Summer range and was stolen from a trading post in Verona.

Red obi belt

Block Colours

Block Colours by ritaladiva featuring wildfox coutur

Bold..yes! If you are brave enough then colour blocking can be a great look. Red and yellow is a great combination and why not break it up with a stunning electric blue heeled shoe. This satchel style bag finishes the outfit of perfectly.

Victoria Beckham belt

Untitled #77

I call this belt the Victoria Beckham belt as it is similar to the one she wore a few years ago. Check out the images on the 'How to' page to see the actual belt she wore. Here I have teamed the wide corset belt teamed with this beautiful maxi dress. It accentuates the waist giving definition and hold. The red clutch and heels give the over all outfit a romantic appeal. It's a little outside of the box but great for a party!

Victoria Beckham Fashion Icon

Get ready for the launch of Victoria Beckhams online collection. It's due for launch Spring 2013...

Victoria's style is very classic here. The long military coat is a great addition to this jeans and top combo with the added bonus of gorgeous kitten heels.

I found this beautiful knee length coat at LaRedoute

Victoria tells Elle Magazine 'I don't need to work, I want to work'. Victoria Beckham insists that she hasn't had it easy when it comes to her fashion label's success. She has had to work as hard as any up and coming designer in the industry. Just because she has lots of celeb friends it doesn't mean she was automatically accepted as a designer. Indeed she obviously has a passion for her craft and is involved in every aspect of the process from the initial design right through to production, she certainly doesn't rest on her laurels and the success she has had is well deserved in my opinion.

I'm not the biggest VB fan but I can see that she has worked hard for the success she has achieved and hard work goes a long way!

Slimming dress and belt combo

Summer Colours

Colour Blocking - A fab Summer evening look.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Dramatic Eyes Makeup Ideas

Get the look!Dramatic Eyes

This dramatic looks puts the emphasis firmly on the eyes. The lips and glossed with a soft pink colour. Just a hint of colour on the lips really allows the eyes to stand out.

Edward bess

Nars cosmetic

Bare escentual

Elizabeth Arden lip makeup

Rimmel eyeliner

Eye makeup

Friday, 25 January 2013

Ladies studded belt

Young And Casual

Young And Casual by ritaladiva featuring leather jackets

A great casual but funky look. The wide studded belt goes great with this chiffon blouse and red leather biker jacket combo. The brown leather bag and shoe boots finish the outfit off with style!
Ladies belts


Wide belt

Winter make-up ideas

Untitled #105

Giorgio Armani sparkly eyeshadow

Elizabeth arden

Bare escentual

Gold cosmetic

Ethan Allen Rain Song Ii

Thursday, 24 January 2013

National TV Awards

Definitely my favourite dress by a mile. Christine Bleakley looks fabulous in this bright red evening gown. Loving the capped sleeves and the lace detailing. Her hair swept to the side really makes this look.

Ooh no, I'm not liking this at all. Far too much material. I like the length and the way it fits around the middle but other than that it doesn't have a great deal going for it. Such a shame as Rachel Bright has such a great figure. This is more of a daytime look, not really suitable for the red carpet. Still each to their own I guess.

Oh my gosh this really is hideous. What was Shona-Mcgarty thinking? There is nothing flattering about this tight red mini dress and weird train thing! Not to mention the massive flower detailing in the hair. It's just all wrong. Still she's young, she's allowed to make such a mistake! I just hope she realises it was an error of judgement when she looks at the pictures. If she can't see it then she really is in trouble!

What to wear with a play suit

Play suit

I love this look. You could add thick tights for the colder weather or if you just don't fancy showing so much flesh! A great evening holiday look. Makes me want to go away sooner rather than later!

Alejandro Ingelmo high heel shoes

French connection

Bracelets jewelry

Wide belt

Makeup ideas for dramatic eyes

In your face!

The smokey eye look is still the most glamorous look for an evening out (or in) it takes some practice but you can pick up some great tips by visiting You Tube.

Wide belt

Giorgio armani


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dramatic eye makeup ideas

A bit of drama

I'm loving the drama of the eye makeup here. I also love a bit of red lippy but would definitely recommend NOT teaming them both.

If you want to go for the dramatic eye then tone down the lipstick with a muted tone or clear gloss.

If it's the lipstick you want then go the other way just adding a simple black line (in the lash line) this gives the dramatic look without the fuss! Maybe add a splash along the inner area of the bottom lash line too.

A wide belt for luck!

A wide belt for luck!

A super wide belt with this look gives a really dramatic edge to the outfit. I know green with red is a little controversial but I think it's a great combination.

The jeans are from Pepe and are a great skinny style with these knee length boots. An extra high heel helps with the dramatic effect and definitely go for leather if you can afford it. If you can't, make sure the synthetic style you choose has a leathery look and feel.

I love this ruffle blouse, it's quite vintage in style. I love the simplicity of the outfit. Sometimes less really is more.

The belts are from 
Ruffle blouse from - £24

More Snow

So I hear there's more snow on the way for the West Country! Not amused. I can't get the car up our steep hill as it completely ices over.

This weather is great for the kids but really inconvenient when you are trying to get on with every day life! Still next week is warmer so hopefully this is the last we'll see of it until next year.

I am running out of stylish outfits to wear!

Wiggle dress

Wiggle dress

A fab red pencil dress or wiggle dress with red obi belt combined with some gold accessories, perfect!
Why not team with a leather biker jacket  for an extra dramatic look.

I love this straight dress, it has such class and sex appeal. Keeping it simple is the trick I think, and not over accessorising.

Feeling Blue - Blue Skirt

Feeling Blue

I love this shade of blue, it looks completely stunning with this wide elastic obi belt. The heels are crazy high, maybe a bit much for me but if you can manage it then they look fabulous with this over all look. Of course it helps if you have great pins too!

Winter warmer

Winter warmer

Well I am quite ready for the Spring now but as long as it's cold outside I'm gonna dress for it! I love these cowboy style boots in brown suede teamed with a vintage belt and old look jeans (or actual old ones if you have them!)
The sheepskin leather jacket is a wonderful addition to the look not to mention super cosy!

I love the cowl neck sweater in blue. This is one for the 'really cold' I think!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Inspire Me Fashion

Untitled #99

Loving this cute skirt and tiara combo. It's a really pretty look. Try to steer clear of flats though as this outfit really only works with heels. A splash of red lipstick will add that finishing touch to die for!

Glamorous Fashion Outfit Ideas

A bit of glamour

Well Blake would look fabulous in a black plastic bag but I love this glamorous look. The 50's style hair teamed with the very red lipstick are a must for this look to pull together.

Some great drop earring really finish off the outfit. Black shoes would be great too but I think the gold makes a real statement.

A wide elastic belt will enhance your curves (should you wish to enhance them of course!)

This beautiful wiggle dress is from 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Splash Of Colour

A Splash Of Colour

What a great look! I love yellow so these gold/yellow heels are perfect. Not sure that I have the legs for the shorts but if I did then I definitely would!

Loving the wide belt and the satchel too!

Even odd top

Hollister Co. hot shorts

Alexander McQueen strappy heels

Proenza Schouler leather bag

Wide belt